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Pantyhouse, stockings on a buget

Posted By nrbrady on Jan 12, 2010 at 8:13PM

These are things that I don't think people should spend a lot of money:


Well because you don't have to, tons of places like the bay or sears or even little places like Arden's sells these for cheap. While American Apparel sells them for $35!!!  You can get three pairs for $12 at sears. Below my friend Ashleigh who hates looking for bargains bought these. I'm on a search for similar ones to these for cheaper.

They are beautiful though.... sighh

I want a pair of these to wear with my new black boots.

Black High Heeled Boots

Posted By nrbrady on Jan 12, 2010 at 7:34PM

Finally! I have been on the search for low priced black boots, either flat or heel. I wanted a nice shoe for going out in the winter time so I decided to go with a heel. It's love that nee high boots hide my larger calves.

What to wear with black high heeled boots:

  • A short skirt or tight dress, with a cardigan or black blazer over the top.
  • Don’t forget some funky pantyhose or even black leggings if you’re wearing the short skirt keeps in classy and trendy in the winter. Everyone I see seems to have a cool pair of pantyhose, I’m on the search for some cheaper pairs!

Long sleeve dresses also balance boots out well.

  • Black leggings with longer shirts so your bum isn't completly hanging out
  • Skinny jeans always look great with boots and a nice top. 
  • Don't forget balance! These boots need sleeves or a looser flowy top to balance out their sexiness!


Can’t wait to dress these baby’s up!


 I didn't want to dish out a ton of money for boots, so I’ve been on a search. I’m really starting to like the store Sirens (in Market Mall, Calgary but also all over Canada) It's great for a girl on a budget like me. There is a lot of crazy, cheap looking clothes in there, but if you look around you can find some really nice stuff. These Loubouitin inspired boots were $40

About Me

Posted By nrbrady on Jan 12, 2010 at 7:06PM

Hello! My name is Natalie, and I am a student in my first year at the University of Calgary, studying communication and culture. As a student, I’m pretty much always on a budget. But im constantly reading fashion blogs, magazines and people watching for outfits I like. I love fashion but I can barely afford it, my hunt is bargains. For clothes that look expensive and in style but are low priced, forever21 you are a godsend. Im no expert, but I'm constantly googling questions about beauty and fashion so this is just my take on some of it!

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